11/18/21 Meeting with EBSCO notes

Esta Tovstiadi (SUNY)
Esta Tovstiadi (SUNY)
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11/18/21 EBSCO meeting
Ed Roche, Jim Kropelin, Nancy Grimaldi, Amy Levine, Esta Tovstiadi, Shannon Pritting, Stephanie Hess, Susan Davis Bartl

  • Introductions
  • Proposal
    • EBSCO can agree to the terms of the $750k offer, increases no more than 3%
    • Removing the 8 databases helps; these databases have been added the package over the years. They have value but they aren’t the core of our package.
    • Knowing confirmation of multi-year agreement helps too
    • Also might be able to include new content, specifically subscription ebook DEI collection, 5,000 ebooks. Unlimited access/user content (no turnaways), some DRM free, we will be adding content to it on a quarterly basis, removals happen 2 times per year (up to the publishers). Should be in the Community Zone. (Diversity and Ethnic Studies ebook subscription collection.)
  • If there are other resources on OGS that might be opt-in or all-in we can still explore those outside of SUNYConnect.
    • For example Ethnic Diversity Source. (Binghamton trialing this)
      • SUNY requests that EBSCO provide an all-in pricing as well as graduated discounts for multiple subscribers
  • EBSCO has been doing work to update existing databases with DEI content
    • Conducting market research with diverse user groups
    • Updating metadata, product names and subject headings to reflect changing social discourse
  • There are also new DEI-focused collections
    • Diversity and Ethnic Studies subscription collection.
    • Many perpetual ebook collections focused on DEI
    • Perspectives on Systemic Racism – free/OA resource, FT . Coming Spring 2022 and can be added to SUNYConnect.
  • Other database updates:
    • MEDLINE and Business Source have new “ahead of print” content
  • Next steps:
    • EBSCO will develop a proposal
      • SUNY requests it ASAP
    • Will include 2 options, one with Ethnic Diversity ebooks as an add-on, one with it included in the bundle
  • Trials
    • Task Force would first look at proposal, if it looks viable then could do a trial ofany new content
    • Whatever we trial should be in CDI and CZ when we trial, ideally