Your new steering group!

Paul Bradley
Paul Bradley
I'm pleased to announce SDG Network Scotland's new steering group for November 2020 to October 2022. 

Firstly, I'd like to thank all nominees for stepping forward and giving their time to the process. We were spoiled for choice!

In summary:

  • We had 14 valid nominations that were put forward for the election. 
  • We received 39 separate voting slips. Three of these were not valid as the voter was not registered as a member of the network, as is required in the steering group guidelines. 36 voting slips in total were valid.
  • The results were counted separately by two people to ensure the totals matched.
  • The three void voting slips were double checked both for valid email address AND registered name on the network – all three voting slips were submitted by people not associated with the network, either by name or registered email.


The full voting data and totals, minus any voter identifying information, can be viewed here. This information is shared with the network as per the guidelines for transparency, but it is not possible to identify who voted and who they voted for. It includes all votes, including those that were void (marked in red).   

| Points | Name | Outcome

 | 27 | Anne Adrain | Elected 
 | 12 | Gail Carson |  
 | 21 | Olasoji Fagbola | Elected
 | 37 | Catherine Gee | Elected
 | 33 | Alison Hosie | Elected
 | 12 | Andy Jack |  
 | 25 | Jessica Lobo | Elected
 | 23 | Mhairi McCann | Elected
 | 13 | Dr Minha Rajput-Ray |  
 | 71 | Lewis Ryder-Jones | Elected
 | 9 | Linda Shetabi |  
 | 15 | Lindsay Wake | Elected
 | 42 | Rehema White | Elected
 | 20 | Matt Woodthorpe | Elected

Next steps: 

We are now waiting for some information from those elected to be able to update the website and introduce the new group more publicly on social channels/newsletters/blogs etc. I'll share a link to any promotion on social media when this is ready early next week. We will also be doing some organising behind the scenes to get the group up and running.

And a big thank you... 

to everyone who put themselves forward, and to those of you who voted. It's been a long time coming, so I really appreciate your patience.

And to those involved in getting us to this point and who are not on the group. There are many, but particularly in relation to time and work in setting up the new structure and steering group -
Lynn Wilson Lynn
Wilson (who expertly facilitated our meetings),
May East May
Fran van Dijk 07986 236038 Fran van Dijk
Jean Ferguson Jean
Linda Shetabi Linda
Dorothea Christiana Dorothea
Lesley Thomson Lesley
Angelika Majdanik Angelika
Dr. Wendy Wu Dr.
Wendy Wu
Anna Valeria Luciani Anna
Valeria Luciani. And of course,
Lewis Ryder-Jones Lewis
Rehema White Rehema
Catherine Gee Catherine
Alison Hosie Alison
Mhairi McCann Mhairi
, who are now part of the steering group.  

Onwards we go!