Onboarding Process

Ward Sandler
Ward Sandler
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💼 HR Onboarding

  • You'll sign your Job Offer Letter (and any other applicable docs).
  • You'll read over our Company Handbook, then send an email to ward@memberspace.com acknowledging that you've read it.
  • We'll invite you to an account in Justworks and set up your payment/salary schedule after you've finished onboarding there.
  • We'll create your email address [name]@memberspace.com.
  • We'll invite you to our 1Password team account so you'll have logins to various software we use as a team.
  • If applicable, we'll order any office equipment you need (laptop, monitor, desk, etc).
  • We'll order you a copy of the book It Doesn't Have to Be Crazy at Work, which has inspired how we do business and the type of culture we strive for at MemberSpace.
  • You'll listen to a fun podcast episode our Head of Marketing (Omer Khan) did with us about our company's origin story.
  • You'll look over our various case studies to better understand how our customers use MemberSpace for their business.
  • You'll review our 💡 Pitch process. Everyone in the company is encouraged to post pitch ideas for new features/enhancements. This is how you can get your ideas into the product.
  • Feel free to order some MemberSpace swag :)

👋 Team Onboarding

  • We'll invite you to our Basecamp.
    • You'll be added to various teams and projects that are relevant to your role.
    • We'll start including you in various discussions with the team and assigning you tasks to get started on.
  • You'll create a short intro video (under 3 minutes long, using something like Loom) that we can share with the team. This is pretty open ended, but feel free to talk about topics like your past work history, where you live, your family, your interests outside work, etc. The idea is to give the team a quick sense of who you are as a full person, not just professionally.
    • We'll then share the video and introduce you to the entire team.
    • We really encourage you to check out the intro videos from the rest of the team! They are in Basecamp > MemberSpace HQ > Docs & Files > Team Intro Videos 
  • We'll set up a group video call with you and the team you'll be directly working with so you can get to know each other more.

🧑‍💻 Developer Onboarding (if applicable)

  • You'll review our Dev Process.
  • We'll add you to various Github repositories that are relevant to your role.
  • We'll invite you to Codeship.
  • We set you up as a MemberSpace omnipotent admin
  • You'll setup and create your development environment as per each repo's readme.
    • A current member of our Dev team will be your onboarding buddy :) and do daily Zoom checkins for the first week or so along with regular pairs e.g. to help you set up each repo the first time, learn how all the infrastructure pieces fit together, etc.
  • We'll do a walkthrough of the MemberSpace application and system.
  • We'll assign you your first Dev task.