Tips for Team Drive Managers

Dan Charlesworth
Dan Charlesworth
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Each school Team Drive should have a limited number of managers who are responsible for determining the members, and other drive-specific access settings. If you requested the Team Drive to be created in the first place, that’s probably you.

Managers are defined by the fact they have the Manager role on the Team Drive. The main privilege that this role affords, compared with lower-tier roles, is controlling who the other members are and what permissions they have for controlling the files within.

Here’s some advice to keep in mind when establishing a new Team Drive for the school.

Member Permissions

Avoid granting the Manager role. If anyone can control who has access to the files then the risk of unintentional data loss is much greater. This is especially important if the Team Drive has double-digit members to keep track of.

For most staff members, the Content Manager role will be sufficient. For a detailed comparison of user access levels, check Google's documentation here:

Prefer inviting members via email groups instead of individually
. For example, all schools have a staff email list such as The members are already being maintained by your school’s admin team. You can avoid ongoing admin overhead by inviting the whole group, instead of each person separately. 

This way, if a new teacher leaves or joins the team they’ll be automatically granted access to the Team Drive. Your school may also have groups for Teachers or for Leadership. Getbusi can also create new groups for the school, if needed.

Be mindful of who the members of groups are, though. For example certain teacher assistants may also be parents and perhaps shouldn't have access to all staff data.
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Team Drive Settings

For Team Drives that contain more sensitive kinds of data, there are settings available to lock down sharing more tightly. These apply to every member regardless of permission level.

They are accessed via the dropdown menu, which you can open by clicking on the Team Drives name at the top of the screen.

Each setting is fairly self-explanatory. Choose an appropriate configuration for each Team Drive, taking into account who the members are and how much risk its files carry should they be stolen or made public. Only Managers can change these settings.
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