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The US Department of Housing and Urban Development would like to make the small business community aware of the Community Compass Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO).  HUD is announcing the availability of approximately $91,125,000 in FY 2020 funding for its Community Compass Technical Assistance and Capacity Building Program.  As HUD’s integrated technical assistance (TA) and capacity building initiative, Community Compass is designed to help HUD’s customers navigate complex housing and community development challenges by equipping them with the knowledge, skills, tools, capacity, and systems to implement HUD programs and policies successfully and sustainably and provide effective administrative and managerial oversight of HUD funding.
Eligible applicants for this NOFO are applying to be HUD TA Providers, not for funding for specific projects of their own. Small businesses are eligible applicants for this program. We are seeking applicants with knowledge and expertise in the areas of programs for housing, education, economic development, or workforce development. TA Providers can deliver an array of support and assistance to HUD grantees and subgrantees including activities such as conducting needs assessments, holding financial management trainings, or assisting with the creation of a strategic plan. TA Providers do not work independently, rather they work under the demand-response system with high involvement of HUD staff.  If this program is of interest or may benefit your organization, we encourage you to check out the NOFO here and review the additional resources below for more information on the Community Compass Technical Assistance and Capacity Building Program.   
More resources for applicants can be found at:
 All questions regarding specific program requirements for this NOFA should be directed to 

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