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Nathan Skwortsow
Nathan Skwortsow
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To enable this feature, please email support@physitrack.com with an https endpoint that our servers can POST to & a secret token that we can use to authenticate.

Note that if you are using our regular API endpoints, you can get a PDF version of an assigned program using the format parameter. This will return a secure URL from which you can download the PDF version of the program.
Read about the format parameter in the API documentation

Physitrack can enable sending a HTTP POST request to your patient management system with information to download a PDF version of an assigned exercise program.

This allows your patient management system to store a print-friendly PDF of the assigned program, which is not only useful for your clients' potential audit purposes, but also an enrichment in the data you store.

Physitrack will also send a request to your endpoint when the program has been updated.


Physitrack will send the following attributes as a JSON object ( application/json) to your endpoint:

  • api_key: "hjhsdfyousdyfh87987324hkjh"
    // You supply Physitrack with an API key for all webhook requests to all customers
  • token: “123456"
    // The practitioner's individual token
  • patient_id: "23-4543"
    // The id of the patient that was sent to Physitrack, when creating the patient in Physitrack
  • file_url: "https://staging.physitrack.com/integrations/your_ehr/programs/pqokji.pdf",
    // The url from which to download the PDF
    // Note that the URL is temporary and that the file will be deleted 24 hours after generation.
  • name: "Knee Rehab Program"
    // The name of the prorgam
  • date: "2017-02-20"
    // The date on which the program was created
  • date_iso: "2019-09-06T07:09:46Z"
    // The date on which the program was created in ISO format, with timezone information.
  • updated: true || false
    // If this is an update (rather than an entirely new program), this parameter will be true.

Response codes

Please make sure your webhook sends a 204 response within 2 seconds.