Master todo list

on register, redirect goes to nothing/blank
Comments - need to scroll down to last comment on 'submit'
mp3 player seek NAN issue?
regular has permission to seethe Mod Page
After refreshing the Under Review page I'm getting 404 Page Not Found (the URL shows
For some reason, I wasn't able to hear the track I uploaded (smash)
add some sort of loader between routes
Need a user upload avatar and all the other stuff component
When I logged in as the first Moderator, I saw the label "Frontpage this", I think it should be labled as "Recommend this" for the first recommendation, otherwise, it will confuse the mods
when 'submit' comment we need to hid 'fp this and submit button'
Add 'no results' to Update Your Mash to Next Version
<HIGH>Two mod FP system
Create Multiple Versions for submitted tracks
search feature
logged in + mod, 'frontpage?' show/hide
under review tracks should have a version 1 or 2 etc option?
All tracks by masher page needed and links from maincatal, etc.
Comments need to be reactive
increment plays
increment downloads

Todo Low Priority

style 'frontpage this' input in comment form
Sort out transitions (fade1)
upload ban reset
Re-organize all CSS

Document Stuff

mashstix vue db structure