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WELCOME to LifeWave® and the LightLeads888 Team!
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This webpage is intended primarily for the LightLeads888 community, which includes Joseph & Julia Peck's family and friends, the Empower 2000 family, and those in our LifeWave® downline.

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A) Introduction

There is POWER in a testimony. People may disagree with your opinions, facts, and beliefs (i.e. information), but they can't argue with your testimony (story) or someone else's testimony.

Revelation 12:11 says, "And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony..."

B) Video testimonies

Here are a few sample testimonies we collected showing benefits people experienced using the LifeWave patches: 
  • Renita Brannan: After 11 days of using X39, for her mother's symptoms of  Parkinson's disease improved substantially. Her father's severe leg swelling , redness, and oozing improved dramatically after using X39 for one day. (2023-06-08. 7:16 min video)
  • Gale Chapple: Gale's blood pressure normalized after one day of using X39. Her son's long standing severe back pain disappeared within 1-2 days of using X39. (2023-06-19. 1:46 min video) 
  • Karen Hoftey: Better sleep, more energy, and less brain fog after using X39. (2023-06-19. 2:36 min video)
  • Dianne Congdon: Potential use for horses. Improved sleep. (2023-06-19. 2:58 min video)
  • Pam Gould: Better sleep, skin and hair improvements, plus the big picture with God. (6:19 min video)
C) Written testimonies
  • Liana: 12 year old step-son with severe autism experienced rapid improvement after using X39. (2023-07-__)
D) Team Resource Pages

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