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BC4: Lineup

Dorin Vancea
Dorin Vancea
Basecamp has always been good at showing you a micro view of the latest activity, every detail, spread out, minute-by-minute. It’s a great micro view, but we are missing a macro counterpart.

What is Lineup?
Lineup is a new page, a visual timeline showing you what’s in play now, what we just worked on, and what’s coming up next. Not at the micro item level, but at the macro level, of all projects that have a start and end date.

Start/End dates - A prerequisite to lineup

To see a project on the lineup, your project needs a start and an end date. A timeline. To add a start/end date, tap the ••• menu for the project and select "Edit name, description, dates".
Click on Add start/end dates under "Project Schedule", and when done, "Save changes".

Above the project's name, there's a new banner showing you the start/end dates, and marked with a green line where Today is in relation to the project's dates. This way, at a glance, you can see where you are in the project timeline.
Timeline banner at the top of the project 171 KB View full-size Download

Timeline states:
The projects' timeline has a before project started state and after a project ended state:
Once you have start/end dates on projects, you can click on Lineup:

🎉 The Lineup 

BC4 is getting a new nav item! Lineup.
Each project has its own row, with the entire timeline being crossed by a center aligned Today. Very easy to get a sense of where things are, at a glance.
  • Lineup is the first full width page we have on BC4.
  • Every element on the lineup scales up/down relative to your browser size. Minimum width: 1050px - Smaller than 1050px(including mobile) allows for tap/scroll left-right.
  • The Lineup has 13 visible weeks. 6 weeks in the past, 6 weeks in the future + this week in the center
  • Daily, every element on the page moves to the left. "Today" vertical green bar is an exception. 
  • Today's line always stays center aligned. 
  • Mechanics: Next week, Monday, first week on the timeline, is removed and another week is added at the end. Repeat this every week.
Window resize behaviour 918 KB View full-size Download

Projects order:
  1. Present/Current at the top. (Projects that touch today)
  2. Future - Projects coming up
  3. Past - Projects that ended.

Project card states:
  • Full cards - Projects that touch Today's green vertical line
  • Compact cards - Projects that don't touch Today:
    • Projects that ended(on the left of the today's line), only show the end date
    • Projects that haven't started yet (on the right of today's line), only show the start date
Lineup2.png 299 KB View full-size Download

Projects that start before or after the dates visible on the lineup.
  • Cards start outside the view on the left
  • Cards end outside the view on the right
  • Cards start on the first day of the lineup on the left
  • Both sides are outside the lineup view
Screenshot 2022-01-04 at 14.08.01.png 562 KB View full-size Download

Short projects: less than 7 days:
  • Full cards & compact cards.
    • Spacing & type changes to accommodate for small space.
    • Start/end dates displayed outside the cards due to lack of space
Screenshot 2022-01-04 at 14.06.09.png 90.7 KB View full-size Download

Lineup Visibility
  • Lineup is visible to everyone in the org.
  • Clients can see the lined-up projects they are involved in, but they can't add/remove/change start/end dates.

Changing project start/end dates
You can change the start/end dates straight from the lineup page by clicking on the dates.
Once you select a new date, the project row will automatically refresh, displaying the new position and style.
Changing start/end dates on the lineup 240 KB View full-size Download


Because Lineup and start/end dates are new features, none of our customers will have projects that have dates; therefore, we created an onboarding/empty screen for the lineup:
Lineup onboarding/empty screen 362 KB View full-size Download

The image in the screenshot above on the left is actually an animation:
Gif/Webp animation 610 KB View full-size Download

What's the worst that can happen:
Because Lineup is a new feature that has no dependencies, there aren't many things that can go wrong. Worst that can happen are small visual glitches like: small lineup cards miss-alignments when project start on a date not visible on the lineup.

In case of emergency:
Ping or SMS
Dorin Vancea Dorin
Pratik Naik Pratik

How to roll back:
Revert https://github.com/basecamp/bc3/pull/4154