Connect, Refer, Earn: A Guide to Finding Referral Leads for G2i

Thea Silayro
Thea Silayro
Are you eager to earn that generous $2000 referral reward from G2i, but unsure of where to begin your search? Don't worry because we've created this short guide to help! The best part? Many of these sources may already exist within your network!

  • Are your current employer, boss, or colleagues in need of top-notch Javascript developers? Reach out to them, and let them know about G2i's high-quality services and how you can assist with introductions.
  • Don't let past connections go to waste. Have you considered reaching out to your past companies and colleagues to see if they're in need of Javascript developers or may be in the near future? These valuable leads could help G2i grow and could earn you a referral reward in the process.
  • Your friends who work at other companies could also be a great source of referrals for G2i. Reach out to them and inquire if they're currently in need of Javascript developers or may be in the future. Share with them your knowledge of G2i's services and offer to be their go-to connection whenever they need an intro.
  • Are you being headhunted by other companies? Instead of jumping at or away from the opportunity, consider referring them to G2i first. Not only will you be helping a potential employer find the best talent in developer healthy standards, but you will also be potentially earning a referral reward for your efforts. So, the next time you're approached by a company looking to hire, remember that referring them to G2i can be a win-win situation for both you and them.
  • Networking and industry events are a goldmine for potential leads and referrals. As you attend these events, keep an ear out for any companies or individuals in need of Javascript developers. 
  • Social media (primarily LinkedIn and Twitter!) is a powerful tool for connecting with potential clients and referral leads. Utilize your online presence to connect with companies and individuals who may be in need of Javascript developers.
  • Communities like developer groups, meetups, and forums can be valuable resources for connecting with companies and individuals who may be in need of Javascript developers, as well. By being active in these communities, you're not only expanding your network but also increasing the chances of finding people that could potentially use your help with an intro to G2i. 
  • Lastly, don't miss out on the opportunity to grow your own company or agency, if applicable. As the owner of a startup or agency, you know the importance of having top-notch developers on your team. Referring yourself to G2i will not only give you access to a community of skilled developers but also let you earn a referral reward. Plus, by referring your own company to G2i, you may be able to negotiate a discount on our services!

With all of these sources for finding potential clients, you're well on your way to earning that generous referral reward from G2i. Remember, many of these sources may already exist within your existing network, so take advantage of them! If you're ever unsure of what to say or how to approach a potential lead, don't hesitate to reach out to our sales manager, Stephen Mitchell ( for tips and guidance. 

It's time to put your network to work and start earning those referral rewards! 🚀