AWG Meeting 2/20/19

Wendi Ackerman
Wendi Ackerman
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  • ACRL stats are being looked at by Kathy on our group and Beth Brown at Binghamton (who is using Alma for ACRL reporting this year) - Wendi also interested.  Will connect the three of us to compare notes.
  • Gail has identified resources for the Aleph to Alma terminology translation.  Where is best place to make the info available?  Wendi will discuss at the working group chairs meeting.
    • The group LibGuide may be the answer, but can't hurt to ask 
  • The SUNYLA analytics presentation has been posted to Basecamp by Joan (thank you!)
    • Gail recommends viewing an ENUG presentation on Analytics Tips & Tricks , will post to Basecamp.
  • Kabel and Emily are working on Resource Sharing reports.  Wendi will forward a list of reports that the Resource Sharing working group Chair ( Nany Abashian)  has recommended as helpful. 
    • Wendi will also check in during the next Chairs meeting to see if other groups have reports that they are interested in, last time we checked, they weren't ready.
  • Gail will help us work through issues with reports in future meetings, please send the questions ahead of a meeting if possible.
  • Next meeting in 2 weeks.