2021-12-13 LSP Advisory Board Meeting Notes

Nancy Babb (UBuffalo)
Nancy Babb (UBuffalo)
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LSP Advisory Board Meeting Notes

Date 12-13-2021

Members attending: Marla Gruner (Ulster), Nancy Babb (U. Buffalo), Nicole Colello (U. Buffalo), Fatoma Rad (Farmingdale), Lauren Jackson-Beck (Potsdam), Michelle Eichelberger (SUNY Library Services), Tim Jackson (SUNY Library Services)

  1. Minutes from 11/8/2021 approved (Colello/Jackson-Beck)
  2. ASRS Covid resource sharing policy
    The COVID-19 pandemic temporary resource sharing loan policy (16 weeks with 3 16 week renewals) set to expire on December 31, 2021. ASRS requested extension to May 31, 2022, justified by ongoing pandemic issues.  The LSP Advisory Board approved the extension.
    Question: How does the loan extension impact recently approved billing policies?
    Answer: The extension should lessen the number of items that require billing; items are eligible for billing when they are 120 days overdue.
    Question: What happens when someone goes inactive (leaves university service, etc.) and loans have been extended?
    Answer: Alma can't push a due date past a user expiration date, so when a user account expires, so too do their loans. Users may have loans if they borrow before they expire, but the due date will not go beyond their expiration date.
  3. New feature: Network Member Can See Physical Usage Information for an Item
    Tim and Michelle demonstrated the "physical usage" tab which can now be displayed in Alma, under All Titles > Network Zone > Held By > [Institution].  The Physical Usage tab can display: Total number of loans; Last Loan Date; Total number of requests.
    Note that resource sharing requests are not counted as loans but as requests.
    The LSP Advisory Board approved making this tab visible for SUNY and announcing it to campuses. 
  4. New Vice Chair of LSP Advisory Board
    Nancy Babb has volunteered to serve as Vice Chair of the LSP Advisory Board.
    The LSP Advisory Board approved this position.
  5. Next steps for Discovery Working Group transition to Interest Group?
    Marla will follow up with SLC to confirm overall approval for the transition and inform the Working Group.

    Next meeting: Monday, January 10, 2022