AWG Meeting 7/11/18

Wendi Ackerman
Wendi Ackerman
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We are all still learning about the reporting - becoming familiar with terminology, challenges with limiting by year, etc.

Reviewed  the assignments, most tasks have at least one person on each.  Wendi will reach out to those who could not be at the meeting to determine which tasks they are interested in.  

Discussed info needed from campuses about frequently used reports in Aleph to support the creation of documentation about where to find these in Alma, and to consider recommendations regarding standardized fields (e.g., standardize things like vendors that are on state contract).
** These recommendations will need to be made as soon as possible, vendors will only be loaded once --> October 

Wendi will draft a survey and share with the group for edits - will start with a question about commonly-run Alma reports.  

We will all contribute to the glossary document and add terms as we work with them in testing reports, etc.  Kathy will share what she has already started in a Google Doc so that we can continue building on it.

In August we will begin to schedule weekly meetings, Wendi will ask Kristy to send out the meeting invitations when she returns from the kickoff.