Working Draft: GMG System Safety White Paper 2020-04-29

This is the working draft of the white paper with edits from the virtual workshop on April 29th. Feel free to continue providing input in this working document. This version of the draft will be the working draft until the next workshop on May 28.

Collaborative Document Editing Guidelines:
  • Please leave tracked changes on.
  • Please add suggestions for things such as content removal and content restructure as comments. 
  • While it is most efficient to keep our work in one place, if you are having difficulty working in the live document, feel free to provide input in a separate document and add to the comments section below.
  • Identify and summarize the changes you made in the table at the beginning of the document.

If you have broader comments on the draft the document or would like to get more involved in the project, please let us know in the comments below.