šŸ“ˆ IRL October Updates

We have broken the 1k barrier! With 1,013 check-ins for October, we have exceeded our goals for the month while continuing a sustainable growth vision for the Idea Realization Lab. The IRL has continued to host our regular workshops while also adding to the complement of events run out of the space, including: a HAM Radio certification class and test, a reception for the Coleman Entrepreneurship Center, a resume workshop, and the Frankenreads event. Finally, we distributed flyers to all CDM faculty encouraging them to use the Idea Realization Lab in their classroom, trained the library's makerspace employees (and fixed their 3D printers), and released a new website to promote everything we've been doing at the space.

Of note: Wednesday has now become the most popular day to visit the Idea Realization Lab, with Friday and Saturday trailing behind all other days. This seems to fit student traffic patterns on our campus. We should work to bring students on campus and into our space on these two days through the use of special events.

As we move into November, the IRL has already brought 192 "check-ins" through the space in the last six days.


Monthly Check-ins
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Monthly Unique Check-ins
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Days Visiting
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Around the Space

  • We hosted a training session for the library's makerspace, and repaired their 3D printers.
  • We have a new website (irl.depaul.edu) courtesy of our student worker, Haley!
  • The IRL Fund was announced, and will support cross-collaborative maker projects out of the IRL.
  • Several IRL students received their Technician's Class license out of our HAM Radio courses, and are planning on starting a HAM Club.
  • We recently hosted our first FIRST Robotics Meet, with over 100 CPS students in attendance.
  • Jay spoke at the President's Cabinet meeting in promotion of maintaining current 3D printing policies while encouraging the continued growth of makerspaces around campus.
  • We hosted a "Systems Tinkering" workshop endorsed by DePaul's Teaching Commons.


Student Workers: Please add more data in the comments below (stories, numbers, anything you can think of!)