Week 5: Moonshot 2

Katie Schuler
Katie Schuler

Materials from today's class

  • Lecture Slides
  • Moonshot 2 (below)
  • Warning, another early deadline!
    • Due Wednesday, October 7th at 11:59pm EST.

Moonshot 2: Rapid Evaluation Stage 1

  • Today we are entering Stage 1 of Rapid Evaluation, where we will come up with solutions to our moonshots with the goal of failing quickly!

  1. Review and respond to the feedback you received in the BQP (Big Question Pitch)
  2. Refine your huge problem or big question based on this feedback
  3. Begin Rapid Evaluation Stage 1

Looking ahead

For this week’s blog post, include at least the following:
  1. Remind us of the question you pitched (in a sentence or two).
  2. Summarize the feedback you received:  Summarize the feedback you received (both positive and negative).  Did people seem to agree that your question was moonshot material? If yes, what impressed them? For those that felt you should think a little bigger, were there any common criticisms that emerged? Did this make you rethink your question? How?
    • Note: feel free to ignore feedback re: solutions at this step
  3. Revise your big question : Based on this feedback, revise your big question / huge problem.  Re-write your few sentence summary (from 1) incorporating your revisions.  If you haven’t revised at all, justify your decision to leave your question as is here.
  4. Come up with eight solutions:  Now is the time for you to try to solve this big problem!  As a group, brainstorm how you might go about solving your problem.  Keep track of the ideas you generate - even the failed ones - and share at least 6 of your teams failed ideas here.  What were they? Why didn’t you select them as the “best” ideas to push forward? What were the risks associated with those ideas (or why wouldn’t they have worked)?
  5. Looking ahead: Choose your two best ideas to push through to Rapid Evaluation stage 2 : Next week, another group will evaluate and provide feedback on your best solutions so far.  You’ll choose your two best ideas to present to this other group.  Make sure you are reasonably clear about these ideas so that the other group can effectively evaluate their feasibility and potential to solve your problem.




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