Zoom Chat - Update on the 2021 Washington State Legislative Session With a Focus on Climate (with John Stafford) - April 25, 2021

Scott Henson
Scott Henson
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Chat Log (with some of the questions from our discussion):

01:12:38 Don Parda: We should be conserving our abundance of hydro power so that the surplus can be sold on the Western Electric Grid to replace non-green power being supplied on the Western Electric Grid.

01:15:09 Scott Henson (Drawdown Seattle): I have a question related to the Climate Emergency

01:15:31 Don Parda: Somewhat of a side note:I am of the opinion that greatly under-promoted is prompt and significant reduction of personal carbon footprints.My brief summary of the needed actions is as follows:Tenaciously spread the “Less Now, More Later” message. “Less Now” will achieve the prompt carbon footprint reduction needed to reduce the risk of catastrophic positive-feedback global warming while we are working on long-term carbon footprint reduction. Those of us currently living the “More” lifestyle need to promptly embrace the “Less” lifestyle – less heating and less cooling (GreenBetween 55°F to 85°F, https://greenbetween.home.blog/), less driving, less flying, less meat-eating, less procreation (2 children max). Future sufficient green technology and infrastructure will allow gradual resumption of the “More” lifestyle for “More Later”.Carbon Dioxide Emissions (tons/person/year)3 = sustainable average = the maximum non-damaging level4.5 = global average = causing the global warming crisis17.5 = USA average

01:15:50 Jae Geller: What might it take to create a coalition to work on the idea of getting together before next session?

01:16:07 Mary Manous: Rep Simpson of Idaho is behind the congressional proposal.

01:16:40 Don Parda: Continuation of previous comment.17.5 = USA average = a biggest offender among many big offendersI encourage all to join those of us who are taking this action, especially including actively promoting these actions- so that they “spread like a virus”.

01:18:27 Amy Theobald: Isn't [Maryland] considering adopting the framework from the WA STRONG bill? And, if so, perhaps that work can gain traction elsewhere and serve as a meaningful contrast to CA and WA.

01:19:11 suellen: Sorry I got on the call late, so I’m not sure what has already been discussed. . .  . Here’s a link to the Environmental Priorities Coalition: https://wecprotects.org/our-work/areas-of-work/environmental-priorities-coalition/

01:21:09 Jae Geller: Thanks, SueEllen. I am already following and supporting WEC.

01:23:45 suellen: Thanks, Jae. The Environmental Priorities Coalition includes over 20 groups and selects 3 or 4 priorities each session.

01:26:24 Amy Theobald: We need the equivalent of Stacy Abram's as the climate champion!

01:29:06 Jae Geller: Thank you so much, John and all the hosts who organize this.

01:29:44 Scott Henson (Drawdown Seattle): Yes, thank you John - that was an amazing session!

01:30:36 Patricia Newkirk: Thank you that was really helpful and informative.  I really appreciate the questions you raise for the climate activist community.