✨ Outcomes from Virtual Meeting on July 22nd

Thank you for attending to the last GMG The Electric Mine Working Group virtual meeting on July 22nd. During the call, GMG presented about the 2 electric mine projects (check update below!), NIOSH presented about "Lithium battery thermal runaway pressure in sealed enclosures" and Sandvik shared a safety share about how electrification can improve air quality in mines. To access the material used, please see below.

Update: Battery-Electric Vehicle in Mining V3
  • The project aims to update the previous version of the guideline leveraging lessons learned, particularly related to safety and maintenance, and accommodating technology advancements. It will also add information to provide valuable guidance to the surface mining community.
  • The project is looking for someone with knowledge of recently developed chemistries. Underground mining has a good foundation in versions one and two of the guidelines, and now surface mining experience is required. 
Update: Electric Mine Knowledge Sharing Operational Platform
  • This project aims to create a neutral platform to capture performance data for electric surface and underground equipment based on the industry’s knowledge and experience.
  • Project is seeking volunteers to validate KPIs and developed the definitions. 
To access the material used in the presentation, please click below.