Week 14: Poster Feedback and Dress Rehearsal!

Katie Schuler
Katie Schuler

Materials from today's class

In-class Activity: Moonshot 3 Peer Review

  • Done in class today, but your final poster is due on Dec 8 at 10:30am EST!
  • Setup your virtual poster! We'll be here to help troubleshoot
  • Give feedback on 3 other group's poster to help them improve

Logistics and looking ahead
  • Last week, you submitted your group’s poster draft!
  • This week, you’ll learn how to add your poster to the virtual poster session and we'll do a dress rehearsal by adding your poster draft (you can change it up until the session start time: Dec 8th at 10:30am). 
  • Next week on Tuesday at 10:30am EST, we'll have our virtual poster session
  • The session is open to anyone!
    • To invite your friends and family, share this link! And let them know you'll be on Zoom between 10:45 and 11:45 EST on Dec 8th. 
    • You are welcome to share this with anyone, on social media, etc.

In-class Tasks
  • First 10 minutes - add your poster details to the session!
    1. Your group has been invited by email -- whatever email you use on ghost -- to be an author at the poster session. 
    2. Follow the links emailed to you (as a group) to add your poster details to the session. Only ONE person needs to enter this information.
      • Title: your poster's title
      • Authors: a list of everyone on your moonshot team
      • Abstract: a brief abstract or summary of your poster. It's fine to copy this from you poster if you already included one there.
      • Video chat URL: a link to a zoom room that your group will use to accept visitors to your poster on Dec 8th.
      • Hashtags: whatever hashtags you want! Might help visitors decide which posters to visit
      • Presenter Name: Your moonshot team
      • Presenter email address: Your moonshot team's email (this is not public, it's just used to invite you as an author and link your team to your poster).
      • Upload a PDF now: Upload a pdf of your poster draft (your poster won't appear on the main page unless you do this part)
    3. When you are done, hit Submit and your poster will appear on the main page!

  • Second 45 minutes - Evaluate 3 other group posters, for each: 
    1. Visit their poster on our virtual poster session site (no zoom room, just look at it what they uploaded, including the poster itself)
    2. Use this form to provide feedback on the poster. You can submit one per team, or one per person -- up to you!
    3. About every 15 minutes, we'll encourage you to move on to the next poster if you haven't already.

  • Dis order and dat order
    • Psych Squad, Acquisition Ladies, Bilingualism Gang
  • Pop Signers
    • Phonetic Fanatics, Sopht Music, The Plastics
  • The Plastics
    • The Words, Bilingualism Gang, Pop Signers
  • Bilingualism Gang
    • The Plastics, Pop Signers, Dis order and dat order
  • The Words
    • Dis order and dat order, Psych Squad, Phonetic Fanatics
  • Sopht Music
    • Acquisition Ladies, Phonetic Fanatics, The Words
  • Phonetic Fanatics
    • Sopht Music, The Words, Psych Squad
  • Acquisition Ladies
    • Bilingualism Gang, The Plastics, Sopht Music
  • Psych Squad
    • Pop Signers, Dis order and dat order, Acquisition Ladies

  • Submit your final poster by uploading it to our virtual poster session.