Outcomes from Project Call - May 13, 2020

The project team has successfully launched its first project call on May 13. If you have volunteered to contribute content, your name can be found below the header of the section you volunteered to and in the live document, as well as on our task board within the project profile on Basecamp.
Let the fun begin!

  • Introduction -
    Michelle Levesque Michelle
    Jean-François Beaulieu Jean-François
  • What is Open Data? -
    Nona Sichinava Nona
  • What are different license types -
    Rob Johnston Rob
  • Perceived issues -
    Danielle Zyngier Danielle
    Rick Morgans Rick
  • Benefits of sharing data -
    Sebnem Duzgun Sebnem
    and Gabriel Barahona
  • Cookbook
    • What data can be shared? -
      Jean-François Beaulieu Jean-François
      Sebnem Duzgun Sebnem
      Samuel Lambrecht Samuel
    • Process for Extracting and Preparing Data -
      Louis-Pierre Campeau Louis-Pierre
    • Risk Assessment -
      Theunis van der Linde Theunis
    • Generic Process for Approval to Release Data - VOLUNTEER NEEDED!
    • Process of Making Public -
      Abhishek Kaul Abhishek

Please make your inputs and edits in the live document. To access it, please click here. 

The next call to discuss the content and progression of the guideline will be held May 28th at 8am EDT. Please find the calendar invite below to attend the project call, or contact
Lauren French Lauren
to get the direct invitation.

If you have expertise in the project area, would like to contribute to the guideline and haven’t volunteered already, kindly let
Lauren French Lauren
  know and we can add you to our volunteer list and put you into contact with others in the project team!

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