Earth-Friendly Investing with Peter Krull at Earth Equity Advisors (3.14.21)

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Jim Little
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NOTE:  Here are the links to Earth Equity Advisors and the Green Sage Fund mentioned in the talk.

Scott Henson: Please feel free to share questions and resources in the chat.  To start, I was mentioning to Peter and Paul that there is a “My Climate Journey” episode on Clubhouse to discuss ESGs soon.
Here is a link to the ESG discussion:

Paul Litwin : Paul’s presentation:

Resources from Paul's Presentation:

Questions Asked and Answered During the Q&A Session at the End:
  • From MauriceFuller: What is your view on a company like nVidia which drives massive power consumption - mostly produced by burning fossil fuels?
  • Kelly Meinig: I'd like to hear what/if Peter ever invests in startups
  • Jeff Thiel: how many companies total in Green Sage fund?  Answer 50
  • Monica Chhatwani: Is there an easy way to check if a fund is fossil-fuel free?
  • Jeff Thiel: how many companies total in Green Sage fund?
  • Monica Chhatwani: Is there an easy way to check if a fund is fossil-fuel free?
  • Suzanna Litwin: Do international funds have different screening practices?
  • Andrea Johnson: Where to Small and Micro Caps fit in?
  • Kyle VanderLugt: Does Green Sage use a beta neutral strategy?
  • Jeff Thiel: many of the most important innovations we need to decarbonize our economy will be pioneered by early stage private companies.  Do you have recommendations about how to tap into the higher potential returns of private equity?
  • Shannon Markley: If the fossil fuels portfolios are performing less well than those w/o, why are the big banks investing so much in these industries.  (May be missing something here; just curious) 
  • Jeff Thiel: among the large financial institutions who have high net worth money management services, which (if any) do you think do a good job with sustainable investing?
  • Amy Theobald: I'm curious to know what qualifies as 'sustainable real estate'?
  • Scott Henson: Do you include things like Waste Management or Recycling companies in the portfolio as well?  You quoted Cradle to Cradle in your Marketwatch article which is what prompted the question.
  • Zhen: what will be inflation rate like in the end of this year or next year?
  • Kyle Kuykendall: Great presentation Peter! It sounds like you are very involved in the allocation of the green sage portfolio. Are you using top-down or bottom-up screening to find companies for investing?
  • Monica Chhatwani: Can you briefly share the fee model for Earth equity?
  • MauriceFuller: You mentioned FB - it sounded like you wouldn't invest in FB for political reasons?
  • Annie Phillips: I went to Fossilfreefunds and searched for Green Sage and Earth Equity, but neither came up.  Why?

Discussing share price of oil companies:
  • MauriceFuller: I would imagine this is already factored into the share price...
  • Paul Litwin: Beginning to be. But I think they are going to continue to fall precipitously
  • MauriceFuller: The flip side is investing in assets that accelerate the shift away from fossil fuels

Scott Henson (Drawdown Seattle) to Everyone: Discussing Tesla which has $1.5B in Bitcoin which is burning a LOT of energy here are a couple of articles related:

Annie Phillips: I can’t find Green Sage on the Web.
kerry keihn:
Annie Phillips to Everyone : Thanks.

From Kyle VanderLugt to Everyone : UN Adopts Environmental Accounting Framework, Marking Huge Steps in Fight Against Climate Change

Reily Love: Will this recording be posted somewhere?
Scott Henson: Yes Reilly - it will be posted here:

From kerry keihn (at Earth Equity Advisors):
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From kerry keihn (at Earth Equity Advisors): Fees for the Align platform ( are 0.75%.  The pricing structure to work with an advisor is tiered based on the amount of assets EEA manages (see page 2 for the pricing table)

Andrea Johnson: Thank you!