A Conversation with Levi Checketts

Dan Forbush
Dan Forbush
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1. Please describe your spiritual evolution, beginning with your earliest "aha" moment. But first, would you like to tell us a little about who you are what you're currently doing, and what your research interests are?

2. How did you come to transhumanism as a subject of interest? Do you describe yourself as a transhumanist -- and how do you define the term?

3. Would you describe transhumanism as a religion? What does it teach us? 

4.  What risks posed by AI most concern you -- and should concern all of us? 

5. What potentials posed by AI make you most hopeful? 

6. In what ways are you trying to drive public engagement with issues posed by AI?  

7. How would you describe the Vatican's interest in AI? What kind of issues are you exploring with the Pontifical Council on Culture? 

8. Some call AI a form of Supreme Intelligence. Are they wrong? How do you describe it? 

9. Do you sense that humanity is advancing in accord with a "divine plan," a "natural order," or some other schema? Is this the same as asking whether you believe in God? 

10. How are these technologies transforming our concept of what it means to be human?