Software Engineer Position (R50 000 - R70 000 p/m)

Software Engineer

We're a group of companies building Fintech and Proptech products for the Real estate industry in South Africa. Our products are disrupting the way people think about property and transforming the way the industry is perceived by adding value to the industry and helping our clients become more profitable and scalable.

At our core we solve problems and love doing it! We're passionate about building products. We believe in writing clean, simple, and maintainable code. We're a full-stack team, meaning you'll have a seat at the table in most of the product and design discussions and will play a critical role in rolling out solutions.

We're looking for a software engineer with previous experience working with various web technologies to help craft our solutions.

What you'll typically do
  • Continue building and working on our products and
  • Shape and build new features and solve new problems.
  • Maintain and improve existing products.
  • Work with our support, sales, and management teams to define and solve new challenges.
  • Find innovative ways to make the solutions better, faster & more secure and drive the implementation of your ideas.

Use the requirements below as a guideline to determine if you'll be able to fit or grow in this position and what you can expect to learn and do.

Minimum requirements / skills / experience:
  • 4+ years working with various web technologies.
  • Experience designing and writing maintainable & testable code.
  • Backend/server-side programming languages.
  • Javascript (Vue.js) or similar frontend frameworks. 
  • Relational databases (MySQL).
  • Experience deploying and maintaining production-level applications.

General character traits & interests
  • You enjoy doing focused, meaningful deep work.
  • You love working and collaborating with other people.
  • You enjoy keeping up with new technologies and trends. 
  • Interest in FinTech & PropTech solutions.

Technologies & tools we use
  • Javascript, PHP
  • Frameworks: Laravel, Vue.js, Tailwindcss
  • Java (Android), Swift (IOS), Flutter
  • Cloud Infrastructure: AWS
  • Github VCS and CICD
  • Docker
  • (Project management and communication)

How we work
We're strong believers in running a high-performance, efficient yet calm company. This means you'll have time during the day to do focused meaningful deep work (without email/phone interruptions) so you can go home and spend time on your hobbies or with friends and family after work. Yes, there are times when we all need to put in some extra hours but these are the exception, not the rule.

We don't micromanage or track hours. We measure output and reward employees for taking ownership and responsibility for their projects and areas of expertise.

We believe in always being open and honest, giving and receiving feedback regularly and in a constructive manner.

We take the Shape-Up approach to building software as documented by Basecamp. You can read more on shape up here:

Benefits & Perks
  • Remote working days
  • Flexible hours
  • Medical aid contribution
  • Choose your equipment
  • Professional coaching
  • Market- and skill-related salaries
  • Year-end bonuses
  • Fresh coffee roasted by Alchemy coffee roasters

Please send your CV to if you're interested to discuss the opportunity.