Zoom Chat - On the Ground in Glasgow at COP 26: Reflections of a Climate Activist, January 23, 2022

Scott Henson
Scott Henson
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Resources Shared During our Discussion:

  • Bill McKibben's "A Little Too Slow".  From Bill's "The Crucial Years" project, this article discusses the Netflix satire (and second most viewed program of all time), Don't Look Up and why journalism's had such trouble with climate change.
  • Elizabeth Wathuti at #COP26: "Please open your hearts"Kenyan climate activist Elizabeth Wathuti at the Opening Ceremony of the World Leaders Summit at COP26.
  • Climate Change is Too Big for our Brains. Climate change despite being so definitely caused by humans is so profoundly non-human; so expansive that our understanding is continually outpaced by its total seepage into our environment. Climate change is both a thing and much much more sign that a mere thing could ever be. Climate change can sometimes be baffling to think about and can become invisible to human perception by its sheer magnitude. PBS partners at Hot Mess tackle the sometimes overwhelming topic of climate change with a metaphor from a 19th century novella.
  • Declaring a Climate Emergency with Climate Mobilization.  We urgently need a massive effort to reverse global warming and protect humanity and the natural world from collapse. Starting a Climate Emergency Program in your city or county is a critical first step.
  • Plum Village at TED Countdown at COP26. Brother Phap Dung and Brother Spirit, disciples of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh and monastics from the Zen Buddhist community of Plum Village, during the second session of Countdown at COP26.
  • Resolve to Buy Less Stuff. January is the month of New Year’s resolutions. For our third week of resolutions, I wish to talk about consumerism. Wikipedia defines consumerism as “a social and economic order that encourages the acquisition of goods and services in ever-increasing amounts.”

Full Chat Log:

00:35:11 laurencepwydro: Is everyone on today from the Seattle area?
00:36:40 Scott Henson (Drawdown Seattle): For the most part yes.  From time to time we have people join from other parts of the country and the broader Seattle area is typically well represented in these meetings as well…
00:38:08 Scott Henson (Drawdown Seattle): To what Luke is talking about now, here is an excellent article from Bill McKibben on this:
00:38:09 Scott Henson (Drawdown Seattle): https://billmckibben.substack.com/p/just-a-little-too-slow
00:39:33 Scott Henson (Drawdown Seattle): Here is another look at this from the multi-dimensional nature of the challenge:
00:39:34 Scott Henson (Drawdown Seattle): https://www.pbs.org/wnet/peril-and-promise/video/climate-change-impact-hyperobject/
00:42:32 Scott Henson (Drawdown Seattle): All this to say…The complicated nature of this problem makes it difficult to draw a simplistic narrative around.
00:44:14 EmmaRose Lowery: I absolutely understand that one Luke! Been doing most of my college career online as well
00:49:26 Paul E Litwin: We need bold new inaction!
00:50:13 Paul E Litwin: I love the see-thru banner and the message!
00:51:13 Scott Henson (Drawdown Seattle): One of the organizations focused on leading the climate emergency declaration: https://www.theclimatemobilization.org/climate-emergency/
00:55:19 Sarah H: Were you restricted at all from taking photos or videos?
00:56:01 Chris Meinig: no riot gear of full body armor and gas either
00:58:02 Amy Theobald: My understanding is that most police in the UK don't carry guns. That makes a HUGE difference.
00:58:42 Jeff Berner: Europeans are more tolerant of protest. And British policy have an underlying philosophy of keeping people safe, rather than imposing authority.
00:58:47 IeRM P. Schmidt-Pathmann: Very common police practices in Europe. Can go the other direction, too but as long as people remain peaceful! If no violence I am surprised that they started arresting.
00:58:48 Paul E Litwin: 👍
00:59:11 Jeff Berner: *police* not "policy"
01:01:48 IeRM P. Schmidt-Pathmann: Protests are very common in Europe for people to exercise their freedom of speech on verities of issues. Many Unions (at least in Germany), too.
01:03:58 Sarah H: Do you have any guess as to where most attendees came from?  Local or international?
01:04:00 Chris Meinig: so powerful and what an experience for you.
01:05:24 IeRM P. Schmidt-Pathmann: Luke, I can follow! Yes!
01:09:51 Joe G: was there any presence of weapons or teargas?
01:13:45 Chris Meinig: There is something very powerful about being in the room together.  These monks at COP make some great points about actually 'feeling'  with your whole being vs just thinking with your head: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1ElqrKDx_0
01:15:41 Scott Henson (Drawdown Seattle): That video that Chris just shared was my favorite of the whole conference - powerful!
01:16:04 sheilalynch: I agree re: being in person.  In my experience with sensitive negotiations there is quite a bit that is lost with virtual participation; I have observed this in my work the past couple of years, negotiations have become more difficult.  Informal interactions make a big difference.
01:17:43 sheilalynch: But not meaning to excuse wasteful travel practices, those UK leaders should have plane-pooled!
01:20:44 laurencepwydro: With all due respects, it’s now 4:00 pm; I’d like to move from police/crowd control issues to environmental issues.
01:20:56 laurencepwydro: looks like that’s happening
01:25:26 IeRM P. Schmidt-Pathmann: laurencepwydro while police/crowd control might seem irrelevant to environmental issues it actually is relevant as it will determine the level of discussion on European news channels and how serious you are taken. Maybe not for our discussion right now but it carries weight. AND politicians pay attention (at least in Europe).
01:26:31 Paul E Litwin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VMvzJu79WG0
01:27:37 laurazeffer: Nakate
01:27:43 Luke Henkel: luke.henkel@gmail.com
01:27:55 Luke Henkel: 850.341.1116
01:28:48 Paul E Litwin: Great question, Chris
01:31:03 IeRM P. Schmidt-Pathmann: Luke, I am very thankful for you sharing your experience today! I am glad you went as in person for such events can not be replicated online and you are sharing with us now (as an ambassador.
01:31:58 Paul E Litwin: Agreed, Philip!
01:33:49 Scott Henson (Drawdown Seattle): Yes, huge thank you for sharing your experience Luke!
01:34:19 sheilalynch: So interesting, thanks so much for sharing your experiences in such a thoughtful way!!
01:34:49 Suzanna Litwin: ☮ Luke! Good to see you
01:35:00 Joe G: Thank you Luke for sharing with us today!!
01:38:59 IeRM P. Schmidt-Pathmann: Yes Scott!
01:39:05 IeRM P. Schmidt-Pathmann: Thank you!
01:39:48 Paul E Litwin: Speaking of consumerism... https://saintfrancisseattle.org/2022/01/20/resolve-to-buy-less-stuff/
01:44:28 Chris Meinig: duct tape solves global warming!
01:47:21 Chris Meinig: thanks for sharing Emma
01:47:54 Luke Henkel: Thanks EmmaRose!  I'm also so inspired to know there's so many of you going for EJ studies
01:48:02 Scott Henson (Drawdown Seattle): Yes, thank you for sharing EmmaRose!
01:48:28 EmmaRose Lowery: Im so grateful that I was able to attend today! Thank you so much for sharing Luke
01:49:18 Scott Henson (Drawdown Seattle): https://drawdownseattle.org/conversations/
01:49:34 Suellen: Thank you so much, Luke!
01:50:19 Paul E Litwin: luke.henkel@gmail.com850.341.1116