2022-02-14 LSP Advisory Board Meeting Notes

Nancy Babb (UBuffalo)
Nancy Babb (UBuffalo)
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LSP Advisory Board Meeting Notes
Date 2-14-2022

Members attending: Marla Gruner (Ulster), Nancy Babb (U. Buffalo), Fatoma Rad (Farmingdale), Lauren Jackson-Beck (Potsdam), Michelle Eichelberger (SUNY Library Services), Nickie Colello (U. Buffalo)
Guests: Tim Jackson (SUNY Library Services), Maggie McGee (SUNY Library Services)

The Board discussed and approved the following proposals:
  1. Update to Improvements & Enhancements Working Group Charge (presented by Tim Jackson)
  2. SUNY Metadata Standards and Policy (SMSP) Working Group requests (presented by Maggie McGee)
    1. Statement of Language in Description
    2. Adjustments to the Change the Subject Project
  3. Analytics Working Group new members
The Board discussed procedures for approving and posting its meeting minutes to the SLC LibGuides site. The group agreed that it is not necessary to wait for the next meeting for official approval. Instead, the minutes will be shared in LSP Basecamp with a projected date for posting and approved via Basecamp discussion. This way, the minutes can be posted in a more timely fashion.