Communications Workplan

Goal 1: Increase supporters in NationBuilder to 20,000 through strengthening social media presence on all 5 platforms robust, interactive with adds, keywords,

New Photography Plan with a focus on representation of diversity in the construction industry, profiling local candidates
Black in Construction - Implement a high profile social media campaign to promote NexGen Builders 2020 outcomes for Black youth.
Organize Quarterly General Meeting - Winter 2021
work on 2020 Annual Report

Goal 2: Design and Launch Media Campaigns and collateral for TCBN Priority initiatives.

Design, Promote and Recruit 80 applicants for 1st Intake of Newcomer Pathways into Construction and provide orientation
Organize and launch the "Newcomer Pathways into Construction" Program
Implement a Promotional Campaign to recruit Women and Indigenous candidates into TCBN Programs
Implement recruitment campaign to secure 20 new mentors to support participants in the Newcomer Pathways into Construction - Professional, Administrative and Technical stream
Design, Promote and Recruit 80 applicants for Cohort 2 of the Newcomer Pathways into Construction Program and provide orientation
Implement social media campaign to promote outcomes of NexGen Builders Mentoring Program - Showcase testimonials
Implement promotional campaign to secure peer mentors and mentors for 2022 NexGen Builders Mentoring Program
Implement Promotional Campaign for upcoming NexGen Builders Cohort 2
Q4 Newsletter
Q3 Newsletter
Q2 Newsletter
Implement Community Outreach Series of Union Recruitment Activities
Q1 Newsletter
Source Designer and Prepare 2020 Annual Report in time for Annual General Meeting

Goal 3: Volunteer Management Process/Plan to address organization priority needs for events planning, evaluation systems, QGMs, social media campaigns, commun

Design and develop a Volunteer Plan Pilot for City of Toronto Community Benefits Framework letter action and the presentation of the 2019 financial statement