Temporary access restriction to "Jewels Hill" - Beacon Hill

Hope you're all well and enjoying having a bit more freedom back.

As many of you know I took over the BMC access role for the area from Andy Railton last summer, it's been a good experience so far & I’ve learned plenty already.  My long term plan is to try to enable / open up as much climbing in the East Mids as possible. 

In the short term, unfortunately we do have a new seasonal restriction at Beacon Hill - I have pushed back as they are not forthcoming with the exact species of nesting birds, however the area is an SSSI and the rangers are within their rights to lock part of it down.  Their statement reads:  

The Beacon Hill rangers have restricted access to part of the park between April and August 2021 for conservation reasons:  to protect the ground nesting birds which use this area for breeding - and to allow the vegetation to recover and flourish

The area with this restriction is Jewel Hill and includes the two popular lower crags -  Number Three Crag and Number Four Crag. (Starship Trouper etc)

Beacon face left, Beacon face right (Moonshot etc) and Summit crag are still open to the public and rock climbing is still permitted there.

I know a lot of you are psyched for getting out this summer, I will say that it's worth staying clear of the honeypot areas and trying new venues.  For those who haven’t see it there’s an excellent bouldering guide which has curated all the hard work that's been put into new routing in the area in the last 2 decades:


Official docs from Beacon Hill Country Park

Beacon Hill report .pdf 7.88 MB View full-size Download
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Also from https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/information_relating_to_the_deci_2

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This is their strategy ( below )
Increasing bio-diversity looks like it's a key driver for them.
health and wellbeing is also a driver - and we've got a good argument the this is affected by closing Jewel Hill 

Country Parks and Open Spaces Strategy 2019-2029.pdf 2.83 MB View full-size Download