LUNA software Release 2.0

* Revamped UI
* Proper Field Weakening algorithm
* Single firmware supports all battery setups
* Street legal, Trail and Ludicrous profiles
* Option to have full throttle torque on all PAS levels
* Wheel diameter setting
* Reads last eggrider PAS level setting
* Ruggedized PAS algorithm
* Easier to enable datalogging
* Motor temperature sensor detection
* Offset calibrations
* General vesc improvements
* Fix SOC gauge for 72V setups
* Add battery voltage and current to the RIDE tab
* Motor temp gauge changes colors at high temps

* Uninstall the previous app
* Install the app
* Open the app
* Connect to a bbshd controller
* Go to the firmware tab and update the controller firmware with the included BBSHD_default.bin file
*Reconnect to the controller. After a moment the new UI will be loaded.