Review and Restructure Update: Introducing the Anchor Circle

THIS HAS NOW BEEN UPDATED HERE -👏 Updating the Anchor Circle - Extinction Rebellion (XR) Landing Page

You may remember that after the November rebellion, XR started a process of reviewing the current structure to make sure that it 
  1.  better reflected the people in the movement
  2.  became more transparent 
  3.  worked in alignment with the holacracy principles of autonomy and decentralisation

This has largely been taken up by the Self Organising System team. The current structure is reflected in the diagram below (interactive version here).

Screenshot 2019-03-13 14.15.05.png 101 KB View full-size Download

By disbanding the coordination group and creating a number of wider circles that represent teams in the movement (e.g Actions also represents Legal, Arts and Action Project teams), more coordinators have a say on XR decisons.

The main circles, Actions,Movement, Political, Self Organising System and the Guardianship team are then represented on the widest circle through their external coordinator. This is called the Anchor Circle.

To ensure that the right people are involved in these wider systems meetings, a Regenerative Culture, Media and Messaging and Communities coordinator are also present to ensure that we stick to the principles and values of Regen Culture, are properly communicating decisions made and looking at how they will affect local groups and networks.

The Anchor Circle is there to assess the widest systems issues e.g the demands, and work out the best processes by which things can be dealt with it (editting mandates is a good example of this). It is not there to primarily to make decisions as decisions are normally made by groups on the 'frontline' of issue. When these issues cannot be resolved at a Working group level (because they will affect the whole system), they are taken to the wider circles to be discussed and resolved.

The Anchor Circle currently consists of:

Political Circle: Farhana Yamin
Movement Circle:
Gail Bradbrook
Actions Circle:
Roger Hallam
Media and Messaging:
Ronan McNern
Regenerative Culture:
Claire Pardoe
Robin Boardman
Self Organising System (SOS):
Nick Osborne
Guardianship Team:
April Griefsong

There is currently a proposal to review this structure so that it also includes an international representative and members of advocacy groups such Young People, Disabled network etc.

As the Anchor Circle essentially holds the mandate which is the purpose of the movement, those who represent their circles in these meetings need to be properly held to account by their circles and the wider movement. The group has been meeting for over a month and all of its minutes and some videos of its meetings are now available to watch and share.

We want to be the best practice we want to see in the world. This is an attempt towards that and towards opening up more of XR's decisions and processes to the ever growing movement. It is not perfect but it is being refined to be optimal for April 15th and then will be reviewed for wider changes after the International Rebellion.

Love and rage,

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