♿️ Accessibility Roadmap

This is our public-facing roadmap of accessiblity enhancements on the AUB.ac.uk website.

The dates here are internal deadlines, and may not launch on the public-website on those dates but shortly afterwards in the next scheduled website upgrade.
Improve links to not use generic titles (WCAG A 2.4.4)
Mark navigation as lists (WCAG A 1.3.1)
Specify alternative text for images inside links (WCAG A 1.1.1)
Ensure form controls have labels (WCAG A 1.3.1)
Ensure links can be used by screen readers (WCAG A 4.1.2)
Fix duplicate IDs on gallery page (WCAG A 4.1.1)
Specify a title for all frames (WCAG A 2.4.1)
Ensure form controls contrast sufficiently with their surroundings (WCAG AA 1.4.11)
Ensure links are distinguished by more than just color (WCAG A 1.4.1)
Remove Olark from the website
Ensure every page contains a top-level heading (WCAG A 1.3.1)