AWG-5: Gifts and Gift Receiving

Sarah Maximiek (Bing, hers/she)
Sarah Maximiek (Bing, hers/she)
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Alma allows for receiving gifts.  Gifts do not have to have a price or fund associated with it.   The procedures below will allow for libraries to be able to track the number of gifts received in Analytics.

This is the recommended method to add Gifts to Alma.  This will allow libraries to track Gift receipts using Analytics for full collection analysis and statistics.   This method does not require prices or funds, so that Gifts added using this method will not reflect in funds or ledgers. 

  • In order to add a Gift, you should know how to create an order
  • There should be a Vendor (or multiple Vendors) used for Gifts. This Vendor should be a “Material Supplier.”

To add a Gift:
  1. Create an order (PO) for the item, using the appropriate Material Type. 
  2. On the “Summary” tab:
  • select the designated Material Supplier (the Vendor that you are associating with Gifts)
  • List Price should be entered at 0.00
  • Acquisition Method is “Gifts” 

You can then proceed with the order as usual.   

If local practice demands that Gifts be associated with a Fund
Ex-Libris best practice recommends that these Funds be created within their own Ledger.  Items associated with a Fund must have a price assigned, and keeping them in a separate Ledger ensures more accurate fiscal reporting. 

For information on this, see “How to associate PO Lines for donated or free items with a fund.” 

LSP, September 2018