Marketing Web Designer

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We're looking for a Web Designer to join our amazing InvoiceXpress Marketing Team

1. TL;DR 

We're looking for a Web Designer with at least 3 years experience to become part of our Marketing team. We have forecasted around €16.8k for the annual budget for this position + benefits + performance-based commission system. Yes, we have a commission system in place for the whole Marketing team. Oh, and did I mention we're a full-remote friendly company and most importantly love cakes?

2. "What's InvoiceXpress?" 

InvoiceXpress is a SaaS (Software as a Service) certified online invoicing software, built with SME and freelancers in mind, and is also prepared to integrate via API with other online services like ecommerces or big companies that issue thousands of invoices automatically. 

With 10 years of existence, it serves more than 8k clients, among which we find Bolt, Free Now, HBO Portugal, Eleven Sports, just to name a few. 

3. "And the role? What’s it all about?"

We're looking for a eye-sharp designer, with a strong visual and aesthetic culture, and technical background to bring our brand mission and daily statements to life, through illustrations and webpages that stand out from the crowd. 

Here are the expected outcomes:
  • Design and provide graphic images supporting social media and blog content.
  • Improve the UX of existing web pages 
  • Design and implement new web pages from scratch
  • Improve key SEO issues identified by the team

4. "Color me interested! What are the Requirements?"

Must have:
  • At least 3 years experience in web design
  • Graphic design and illustration skills;
  • High code quality standards and processes;
  • Experience with HTML;
  • Experience with CSS and SASS;
  • Experience with Javascript;

5. "InvoiceXpress you say? - What’s the culture like?"

Well, our People-first Culture is literally written on both our offices' walls. Everyone sees it. Everyone lives by it. From the CEO to the trainees. And everyone is allowed to speak their mind. Even if you’re a trainee talking to the CEO. We’re a data driven company that is always working to improve their results.

We have a strong focus on transparency, where everyone in the company knows everyone’s salary package. 

We stand by our 3 core principles:

  1. Do what’s right.
  2. Show you care. 
  3. Give your best.
We don’t stop there. We have another 7 to complete our 10 Guiding Principles:
  • 4. Build an environment of strong, open and honest relationships
  • 5. Deliver Wow through your service
  • 6. Stay humble
  • 7. Be coachable and don’t take it personally
  • 8. Do more with less
  • 9. Pursue growth and personal development
  • 10. Have fun.

We have another unwritten principle that we like to call Cake Culture. Where we celebrate every, I mean, e-v-e-r-y accomplishment with cake. Or a party. Or a dance. When we don’t have cake, we celebrate by having cake. In these times of Corona (virus not the beer), we turn to Basecamp to do that remotely.

6. “What benefits do you offer?”

Like stated in the “Straight to the point” earlier, we have 16.8€/year available for this position, depending of course, on the experience and how well you fit the role.

We like to state this clearly at the beginning of the process for two reasons. 

  • For our transparency policy
  • To save everyone’s time

So, here is the benefits list you can expect:

  • Performance-based commission system
  • Health insurance
  • YMYOS - You Make Your Own Schedule
  • Remote work allowed (Currently we’re on a full-remote + office-available-by-choice-with-parking kind of deal)
  • Cake. Did we mention cake?

7. “Where do I apply?”

By filling in this typeform: Apply here

Your application will be reviewed by the team and you’ll get feedback shortly, either positive or not.