šŸ“ˆ IRL November Updates

Hosting nearly 100 CPS students for a robotics event; co-hosting an event with Dick Blick; providing a tour of the space to a major competitor. All of these things and more happened at the IRL this November. In addition to that, as we entered Winter break during the latter half of the month, student workers began building necessary makerspace improvements and doing some much-needed cleaning and organization.

With the middle of December already approaching, we've also put several internal and external events on the books. What that means, practically speaking, is that (at least for Winter Intercession) the cost of keeping the IRL open is significantly offset by payments from other DePaul departments and outside groups. This is something we should pay attention to!


Monthly Check-ins
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Monthly Unique Check-ins
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Days Visiting
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Around the Space

  • We hosted a Stop Motion Animation Jam
  • We hosted a FTC South League Meet (over 100 visitors, of which ~80 were CPS students)
  • Hosted a LearningSCAPES conference Tour that included educators from around the country
  • Hosted a sponsored event with Dick Blick
  • Provided a tour of the makerspace to a group from Loyola (they might think they can replicate what we're doing, but they can't ;)
  • Hosted a student Resume Workshop
  • Hosted the first Alternative Computing Club event with speakers from Bank of America, OSH Park, and Important Little Games
  • Began supporting the "Here, We Innovate" campaign with Betty Shanahan
  • Began designing a potential second makerspace in the Lincoln Park Campus