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Todd McGreevy is an independent newspaper and website publisher, podcaster, property rights activist, and business owner based in Iowa and Illinois Quad Cities (Davenport/Bettendorf, IA and Rock Island/Moline, IL)

Since 1993, he and his wife Kathleen have published the independent newspaper, River Cities' Reader.
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He has been active in local politics in Davenport, IA, fighting for transparency and fiscal sobriety in local government.
These efforts include Opt4Better, the grass roots PAC that helped defeat the Davenport Promise referendum, a proposed city wide entitlement program. In addition McGreevy helped form Iowans For Accountability, a Non Party Political Organization dedicated to ending the rubber stamping and ceding of authority by both major parties in county government. 
McGreevy is a founding member of the bi-state liberty alliance, which emerged as a platform for collaboration amongst local, state and national freedom oriented groups. 
In 2009 McGreevy was part of the national management team for the Continental Congress 2009, providing web development, branding and communications services while serving as the Iowa State Coordinator for the modern day Congress. More info at:
In 2011, he helped co found Free America Now, a think tank for assisting high performance freedom initiatives. 
In 2012, McGreevy helped coordinate and operate the first Constitutional Sheriff's Convention with CSPOA, and helped launch the County Sheriff Project.
From 2010 - 2013, McGreevy was host of the radio show Common Sense Revisited on the Republic Broadcasting Network.  Show archives and showlinks are posted each week at Third Rail Blog

He owns and operates a branding, sales & marketing company AdMospheres Media & Marketing, and is one of the managing partners of the business brokerage and consulting group Marigold Resources.

Some editorials by Todd McGreevy, published in the Reader:

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