Minutes March 19, 2021

Nancy Babb (UBuffalo)
Nancy Babb (UBuffalo)
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SUNY Discovery Working Group meeting, 3/19/2021, 1:00 pm, via Zoom

Participants: Nancy (chairing/notes), Heidi, Jen, Jessica, Michelle, Pam  
Note:  Amanda is attending the AngularJS discussion hosted by the IGELU and ELUNA PWGs held at the same time as this meeting.

  • Review of March 2021 release
    The group reviewed, discussed, and demoed the features highlighted in the March release.  No major problems have been detected (so far!). Some notable issues include:
    • Improved Collection Updates - manual re-indexing of records in Alma should no longer be required for Collection Discovery update in Primo VE.
    • Include Incoming URL to Alma Link Resolver in Display CTO - this should help with troubleshooting.
    • Related Link for Series Added Fields 80X-83X - this seems to require activation of "Related Records" functionality. 
  • Follow up on release testing: what do we want to test? what tools may we still need?
    The group discussed testing in Sandbox and agreed that it is very helpful for both to test new system enhancements and -- perhaps even more importantly -- to test regular functionality to see if there are any system regressions or other problems associated with a new release. It's good to have multiple testers trying out various things in different environments.
    The dates of releases are now noted on the Discovery WG Basecamp schedule.
    Note: April is a maintenance release, with no new features -- so there should be no surprises.
  • Discussion of any old and/or emerging issues
    • Disappearing facets: Jen has documented a problem at Cortland; it seems to be related to the search box widget.
    • UB continues to follow up on a problem with reading list titles for inactive courses appearing in Primo VE search results, which seems like it may be an issue with the records not being fully re-indexed in Primo VE (possibly similar to the previous problems with titles in Collection Discovery requiring manual re-indexing). Nancy will add Michelle to the Salesforce ticket.
    • LibKey development: Third Iron is sharing their 2021 roadmap and has announced some new system enhancements, such as improved EBSCO linking.  The Roadmap presentation is available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3co_3oDlho
    • SUNY meets with Ex Libris every month about our Top 5 issues. Current issues include adding notes to forms.
    • Primo Studio: we previously avoided the use of Primo Studio because it would overwrite local CSS files, but Ex Libris has changed procedures so that now you upload your local CSS and Primo Studio works on your local files, making changes to them rather than overwriting them.  There may still be challenges in using Studio if local CSS is not fully displayed within Studio -- but it may at least be safe now and worth testing.