Possible CZ and/or e-Gov Docs Task Force

Michelle Eichelberger (SUNY)
Michelle Eichelberger (SUNY)
Hi All, at the 8/29 Q&A meeting ACQ/ERM members asked about CZ records and whether or not we can do anything about their quality, and Shannon suggested putting together a CZ Task Force to explore this issue. SUNY Shared Library Services has also received questions about managing e-Gov Docs centrally, and it might be worth setting up a task force to look into this if this was something that you wanted to do.
Here are ideas that either of these task forces could explore and report on:
  • If either of these things could be managed centrally, who would do the managing, ideally? SSLS staff? SUNY Librarians with expertise in data or gov docs? How would succession planning work?
  • For e-gov docs, how would new records get into the system and how would old records be cleaned up?
  • For e-gov docs, how would the information be integrated into SUNY catalogs? As part of a network (SUNY Catalog) search? As part of the everything search? As its own search scope?
  • Are there any other consortia who either maintain CZ records or e-gov docs centrally, and if so, how do they do it?
If a task force is something that you'd like to pursue, you'd need to do the following and send the information to the SLC for review:
  • Determine membership
  • Draft charge
  • Determine timeline
Here's an example of a recently created Task Force: https://slcny.libguides.com/cdi-task-force.