AWG Meeting 5/9/18

Wendi Ackerman
Wendi Ackerman
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  • Per info Kristy learned at ELUNA last week, analytics features are not available in the sandbox due to the licensing fees associated with the Oracle BI system
  • When the vanguard campus data is loaded (anticipated to happen at the end of this week, or beginning of next), permission will be requested from a campus to test with their data
    • Kathy is at Buffalo, and will inquire with her institutional lead about making their data available to our group
  • Shannon is looking into refining roles for analytics testing purposes; administrative rights are needed in a functional area to have the ability to design analytics
  • When we have access, we need to proceed with caution so that we do not edit the data
  • When we have access, Kristy requested that we test the capability to copy or use reports from the community zone in our network zone
  • Kristy developed relationships with people from the Analytics SIG that are willing to answer questions for us, she will set up a Zoom session when we are ready
  • She will also share PPT presentations from ELUNA that are relative to our group
  • Please send Shannon ( issues encountered with using the sandbox while using it along with the training videos, they are working to make the sandbox more effective as it is the only one we have to work with
  • Kristy requested that we create a document for any questions that our group members have - for ExLibris, her SIG contacts, SUNY, etc., 
  • The Analytics SIG has a list of suggested improvements, last updated in 2017.  These are a list if improvements or alternatives for processes.  Many are open issues with ExLibris.  The info will be updated when an issue is closed.
  • Analytics training will be held for the vanguards on Friday, 5/11 at 2pm.  Kristy will share the link with us for those of us who can make it, and post a link to the recording for those who cannot participate. 
  • Due to the limitations on data availability, we will meet every other week until we need to return to weekly meetings.  Kristy will adjust the meeting invitations to reflect this rather than cancel individually.
  • Next meeting: 5/23