Week 8: Acquisition I

Katie Schuler
Katie Schuler

Materials from today's class:

In-class activity: Deep dive into Perani et al 2011

This activity will take approximately 30 minutes
  • Today we'll level-up again in our "learn to read journal articles outside our field" practice. 
  • So far, we've learned to read for our purpose (in ~20-30 minutes) and to explain what we've read in words anyone can understand (without jargon).
  • But sometimes, we really do want to dive in deeply to a paper (or, more likely, certain parts of a paper). 
  •  In this guided exercise, your breakout room will be assigned to one part of the Perani et al 2011 paper.  Your job is to dive deeply into that section or figure by answering the questions on the following google form: 

Missed live lecture today?

  • You can participate in this activity by reading the paper on your own (or with a friend) and trying the activity on your own.