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Postdoctoral position on the human dimensions of agrivoltaics and land change

Brandon Bestelmeyer
Brandon Bestelmeyer
A postdoctoral position on the human dimensions of renewable energy development, agrivoltaics, and land change in Southwestern agroecosystems is available with the Jornada Experimental Range LTAR site, Las Cruces, NM on the campus of New Mexico State University. This is a USDA Agricultural Research Service (federal) position.

The postdoctoral scientist will assist in building knowledge of the economic and societal impacts of alternative land management strategies, particularly the role and effects of renewable energy and agrivoltaic systems in the context of land management and agriculture in the Southwestern US. Objectives of the research program are to:

A. Contribute to understanding of economic/production, societal, and environmental tradeoffs associated with the integration of renewable energy production with agriculture and other ecosystem service objectives.

B. Evaluate factors leading to the adoption or rejection of photovoltaic/agrivoltaic systems as part of land management based on multi-indicator analyses.

C. Produce socio-economic information related to spatial and temporal variations in environmental conditions and land management strategies in agroecosystems of the Southwest, including rangelands and croplands, contributing to the unit's Long-Term Agroecosystem Research network projects.

Methodology requires field research (surveys, interviews, measurements of biophysical variables), collation of data gathered by other researchers and institutions, and using these data in statistical analysis. Analysis will quantify the social and economic effects of management practices, especially agrivoltaics systems, and integrate economic and social data with production and environmental data to provide comprehensive evaluations.

See https://jornada.nmsu.edu/jobs for more information about the position or contact Sheri Spiegal (Sheri.Spiegal@usda.gov) or Brandon Bestelmeyer (Brandon.Bestelmeyer@usda.gov).