GMG Battery Electric Vehicles in Mining v3 Guideline Draft 2020-08-04

Updated August 4 2020 addressing comments from the steering committee and August 12 with draft content on fire suppression and explosion protection.
This is the current working draft for the guideline, now a OneDrive file because that is more accessible. Volunteers have started working in the document. Please note: only make changes to this draft if you've first discussed with the project group. However, you are welcome to review and make comments about what is there at any stage. 

Looking to contribute?

If you have expertise in the project area, would like to contribute to the guideline and haven’t volunteered already, kindly let Maria Gilker Maria   know and we can add you to our volunteer list and put you into contact with others in the project team!

If you are working on a section of the guideline, please also take a few minutes to read the author content development guide: GMG Author Content Development Guide 2020-04-30.pdf - Electric Mine WG - Battery Electric Vehicle v3