Concept Chances

Arturas Pranckevicius
Arturas Pranckevicius

  • It is only over when it is over! You are not dead until you are dead!
  • Survival Mindset achieved through Practical Exercises (not just theory).
  • Killing Enabling Factors:
     Remsberg (1986) states:
     Survivability for prepared individual:

                                                                            75%     mental preparation
                                                                            15%     skill
                                                                            5%       physical ability
                                                                            5%       luck

    Survivability for unprepared individual:

                                                                            5%       mental preparation
                                                                            15%     skill
                                                                            5%       physical ability
                                                                            75%     luck

    Luck is not a factor that is dependable!

  •  MUST be an optimal ratio between Reality Training and Safety;
  • Achieve that and Train to Respond to Real world Threat;
  • How to Perform Effectively through a Real-Fight;

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