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Greetings Fellow NFT Warriors:

We are so looking forward to seeing you at the event. We have a powerful 3 days planned for you that we are so excited about. You're going to walk away with so much and will be put on the fast track to bringing your NFT Vision to pass.

This is your Bootcamp Resources Pack. Everything you will need for this event will be right here. So please make sure you keep this link handy as any changes or updates will happen here. And if you lose this, it's like losing your pack or weapon in war. Not good. So hold on tight to it and keep checking back for any updates.

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Please make sure that you sign these legal docs. Make sure to download them to your computer first. Then, You can fill out the fillable or print out the white copy, sign, and then email to

We must have these as we are filming this course so your image will be seen on camera. So we are asking you to give us permission to have your faces on camera. If you show up we'll just assume you have given your consent as highlighted in our terms and conditions. 

For those of you traveling here is where the Big House is, the Studio, and directions from one of the two airports.

This is your guide to explain what we re doing in each session, what time and what activity.

This is the Live Streaming Portal Link where you'll watch the training. You'll also find support links, resources links, and the zoom link ONLY when it comes time to hop on zoom during and of the Q&A's or if Eric has a moment during the hands-on workshop he may be able to connect with you

This is a list of all the resources we are going you during the event. Everything from our own vision workshop we went through, and other valuable resources. Just download them and fill them out on your computer and save them.

Share this link with friends. Anyone with this link can view and upload to your event.

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You can also easily upload photos from the browser on your mobile device. Just go to