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Gary Bury
Gary Bury
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Here's our policy on tech.

You can pretty much have what you like, within reason.

The important thing is you choose hardware and software that helps you work to your best, we don't limit you to particular brands or styles. You'll be working with this tech day in day out so it's really down to your preference.


As a remote worker chances are you'll want a laptop of some sort. If you want a Macbook Pro with extra RAM that's fine. If you want the latest Dell or Alienware then fine too, we'd rather you get something you enjoy working on and lasts.

We are not making Pixar movies, you probably don't need a Mac Pro.


A decent screen is a must, you'll be looking at it a lot of your day. Feel free to choose a 27" Dell or equivalent with decent resolution and USB-C connectivity. Some of the team have curved monitors, it's your choice. Again, there's no particular limit as long as it's sensible.


Keyboards, mice, trackpad, wireless, wired. Apple, Logitech. Whatever, it's fine.


Yes you can have a phone too. You'll need it for testing and using the mobile app, maybe even for remote working - most of the services we use are available with mobile apps.

Be sensible with your phone choice, choose an iPhone or Android because that's where  Timetastic is supported. But maybe you don't need the latest version with 16 camera lenses, infinite zoom, 100m water resistance and hologram projections a la, Star Wars (help me Obi Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope).

Home Desk

Getting yourself a decent ergonomic workstation at home is important. Feel free to choose a desk with a value up to £500. If it's a bit more then don't be afraid, the value is not set in stone, just confirm with us before you purchase.


Another important aspect of an ergonomic workstation. Most of the team have either Herman Millar or Humanscale chairs. Choice is yours, again be sensible, ask around the team if you are unsure.


Talk to someone with a company card - Matt or Gary