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  1. Consider a train run for a passenger train. This train run is ordered by a Railway Undertaking (RU) and is planned with the help of the Planning System. The planning system produces an Operational Plan. This is then used by the CCS system* to produce the train run as ordered by the RU.
  2. Continuing from above, the CCS system requires a Railway Vehicle. Let us assume that this vehicle is stabled with its On-Board Unit (OBU) shut down. The train detection system equipped in the track section around it lets the CCS system know that the specific track section is occupied.
  3. However, as the CCS system is not able to determine the reason for occupation, it is categorized as an Unresolved Trackbound Movable Object. This occurs as the CCS system is not able to establish a radio session with the OBU.
  4. Now the train driver enters the start of mission on the On-Board Unit, a radio connection to the CCS system is established, which is able to identify the physical train unit. As a result a Resolved Trackbound Movable Object is created. 
  5. Alternatively, a TDS might not be needed by ensuring constant localization of the railway vehicle. This fully meets the 'Always connected' and 'Always located' goal of RCA.
  6. The CCS system is now able to receive on-board localization information from the OBU. With this it can determine the location of the physical train unit on the topology. 
  7. If the relevant safety conditions are satisfied to determine that this occupation is only caused by the identified physical train unit, the unresolved trackbound movable object will be removed. 
  8. As time of departure has been reached, the CCS system provides the required track geometry by commanding Drive Protection Sections, which abstract to movable elements on the track, such as points or level crossings. This is defined within the Object Realization Domain (see below figure).  
  9. When the route setting is successfully completed the CCS system will grant a Movement Permission to the Resolved Trackbound Movable Object. This is then abstracted into a Movement Authority.
  10. Finally the Movement Authority is received by the On-Board unit, and thus the railway vehicle can begin its train run.  

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*Here the term CCS System describes a system developed through RCA specifications

Please note that this example is only provided to introduce the underlying concepts used by RCA. This is not a technically complete specification.

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