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We are powering our Subjimandi.app using a backend system called Pipehaul. The following post outlines the complete thesis behind our existence.

Keep reading to understand how we approach the segment of produce markets and why we are not out there to gut someone else's market share. We truly are naive and honestly believe that we can increase the overall value of the produce by functioning in this segment.

Our Model 

We are working on opening the production and consumption regions of produce markets for hassle free cross-trade by enabling efficient logistics through digital means and increasing the access of buyers.

There are two sides to our aggregation model :
  1. Retailers, Factories and Exporters who are looking to buy standardised produce for their consumption needs can directly procure from the production regions of the respective produce.
  2. Traders can sell directly to the buyers at consumption markets without the risk of transportation, market rate fluctuations and storage hassles. We can take care of all those for you. Only charge you for the services rendered when you make a sale.

 Our Model representation

  • Moving produce between Production and Consumption regions have a lag in current conditions. This is due to the asymmetric relaying of demand information and actual supply.
  • With our model, we are looking to make this passive market ( Information asymmetry )   into an active market with no such lag by aggregating demand and supply across regions.
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  • Total demand aggregated on the consumption side of things ,Y= a+b+c+d+e
  • We will procure the required quantity from the production side to begin with. And, we will pick the deficit additional cargo ( equalling the carrier capacity we have selected for the trade ) that will fit within our one lot, X
  • Using our digital software and algorithms we will try to match this additional cargo to future buyers within the time the produce is delivered to the consumption region. 
  • The digital software and algorithms are useful as they map the produce across various grades, sub-varieties and regions. They are useful for varying lot sizes of produce to be transported for which we need to map across both models. And they will be adaptive to any changes we would like to bring to the flow of business.
  • In short, the tech we have built is out there to optimise the logistics and movement of produce which further reduces the price disparity and quicker access of produce markets. 

All of these steps look very rosy when we lay it out in theory but the actual implementation is tough when the data you need, decisions you execute and trust you build are all important parameters that are yet to be standardised and established in the sector.

Hence, the obsession with respect to produce markets. We want to solve these problems and solve them well. No shortcuts at our disposal as well. We will keep you posted as we keep traversing this path with insights, feedback and challenges we keep facing.

Signing Off,
Vivek V S Vivek

P.S : 
You can join this journey or reach out us to share your thoughts or comments with regards to the post. 

In our homepage , you have job postings that may be of interest to you. They clarify all the criteria , category and  process to apply. Do check it and reach out to us.