Finsit Releases #513-524 March/April

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New: Percentage shown as +/-

Now in the report editor the percentage calculations can be shown as
  • a percentage without +/- sign; or 
  • a percentage with +/- sign using the "Show +/-" option highlighted below.
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Updated: User invites

Previously when a new user received an email invite to join finsit they had to click "Create account" before they accessed the create account page. Now when the user clicks on the email link to create their account they go directly to the page below to create their Wolters Kluwer account.
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If a user already has a Wolters Kluwer account and they are added to two or more companies. Now when the user logs in to finsit they will simply click on the company that they want to view.
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Updated: Spanish COA

Spanish users can select the Chart of accounts "Grupos PGC" when importing new Spanish accounting data.
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Updated: KPI tax rate 21,4% 

For Swedish users the tax rate for fiscal years that started after 2019-01-01 is now 21,4%. 

Updated: E-conomic imports 

Now when Danish users import from E-comomic the E-comomic chart of account is automatically selected to improve the Danish user experience.

Fixed: Import wizard scrolling

Some users experienced a problem in the import wizard when they scrolled to the bottom of the page it jumped back to the top of the page. This bug has now been fixed so all users will be able to scroll to the bottom of the import wizard page.
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Fixed: KPI error message

When agency users accessed a company without data for set KPIs they would see an error message "setCustomKpi()". This error message has now been removed.

Fixed: KPIs with manual values

KPIs that contain manual values, for example the number of employees, now load correctly. 

Fixed: Multiple Budgets

Companies with multiple budgets experienced longer loading times when moving between budgets. This has now been fixed and all budgets load at the normal speed.

Thank you for reading the release note. If you have any questions, please do contact your local Wolters Kluwer support team by using the links below.

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🇳🇴 Norwegian support
🇩🇰 Danish support

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