AWG Meeting 4/18/18

Wendi Ackerman
Wendi Ackerman
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Note taker: Kathy

Wendi has created new folders on Basecamp for meeting agendas and minutes instead of Trello.

  • Group to continue working through the Essentials training.
  • Potential strategy:  Have sandbox open while watching videos and pause to practice as you go.  This helps to move training from abstract to practical and can ease the video fatigue and boredom.

Sandbox Access: 

Kristy will provide us login details to access the sandbox


  • Current data in sandbox is not SUNY data but can still be used to test the functionality of reporting.
  • Other working groups are having problems in the sandbox related to their individual roles and the associated tasks and activities that are allowed / not allowed.
  • Vanguard data is being uploaded now and should be ready in the first weeks of May.
  • Other working groups are also having issues and questions related to Analytics; 
    • Kristy will gather these questions to help guide us and direct our focus as we dig into the sandbox.  :)

Opportunity for discussion with other Alma Analytics users:

Kristy will investigate getting current outside users of Alma Analytics to have a conversation with us about their experiences.  Kristy asks if we prefer to speak with someone in a consortial Alma environment and/or someone who is an experienced Analytics user.  Potential institutions/consortia to approach:  

  • BIBSYS: Norwegian libraries consortium
  • MnPALS: Minnesota colleges and universities
  • Orbis Cascade Alliance:  Colleges and universities in Oregon, Washington and Idaho
  • Ithaca College: participates with five other colleges in other states
  • Kristy will also seek recommendations at ELUNA conference.
Other resources:
  • Analytics Special Interest Working Group:   
    • See website:
    • Document of suggested improvements to Analytics located in our Basecamp folders
    • Per Kristy this document is currently closed for comment and will be submitted to Ex Libris for their consideration of future needs and enhancements to Analytics.  
  •  ENUG (ExLibris Northeast User Group) has annual meeting and is good opportunity for networking with other Alma users.  2018 meeting likely in October and in Albany. Kristy to confirm and provide more details.

Next meeting: May 2