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Scott Henson
Scott Henson
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Audrey Richards:        if we charged corporations for these true costs, imagine the things we could do with that $$

Scott Henson (Drawdown Seattle):        Here is the link to what Chris is talking to right now:
Scott Henson (Drawdown Seattle):        https://www.visualcapitalist.com/human-impact-ocean-economy/

Audrey Richards:        completely agree with Kelly.  the cowboy scientists are going to run with this aren't they?  and our ocean, even though we talk about it as if there are distinct bodies, is all one.

Daniel Muldrew:        Biosphere 2 had similar CO2 issues

Audrey Richards:        Green energy and all solutions in development now are scrutinized under a huge microscope.  The public and media is going to push to ensure that we can only move ahead with something that is fully vetted, and supposedly proven to not have any negative consequences.  So how did we allow the fossil fuel industry to have existed and be used for all these years with the actual costs of that industry?  its our worst legacy and yet people will dismiss wind energy because we cant' currently recycle the old blades or solar panels can't be recycled.  If only we had such high standards 100 years ago.

Scott Henson (Drawdown Seattle):        For those that have seen 2040, here is their page on this solution: https://whatsyour2040.com/marine-permaculture/

Scott Henson (Drawdown Seattle):        And here is the work Brian VonHerzon from the Climate Foundation is doing: https://www.climatefoundation.org/brian-von-herzen.html

Audrey Richards:        do you have the link to the british video please?
Scott Henson (Drawdown Seattle):        https://youtu.be/brl4-xa9DTY

Scott Henson (Drawdown Seattle): On the topic of transparency and scientific integrity of carbon removal and climate solutions, there is a non profit that has come onto the screen: (carbon)plan that is working to make this more transparent and open across all solutions, sectors, and industries. https://carbonplan.org

Scott Henson (Drawdown Seattle):        There are two reports they have published on ocean-based climate solutions and project vesta which look interesting on this topic of carbon removal.  you can find their project reports here: https://carbonplan.org/reports

Scott Henson (Drawdown Seattle):        the first is focused on phytoplankton and the second is focused on mineralization
Scott Henson (Drawdown Seattle):        On the how we avoid these side effects in the future, this comes down to mindset in my opinion.  We need to teach regenerative by design vs. extractive by design and we need to teach human thriving (and life thriving) vs. growth, growth, growth.  This will be critical for us to re-align with the natural world.

Scott Henson (Drawdown Seattle):        Here is the link to Bren Smith’s video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6GchLfXTgII

Amy Theobald:        I've also read that seaweed could be a viable source for bioplastic which could be so significant.