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We are aware of the Executive Order from Arizona Governor Ducey regarding the end of all mask wearing regulations related to the general public and privately owned businesses.  In effort to help our patients, we will outline our policy for better understanding.
  • Patient treatment, as always will be performed by Doctors and Staff with the appropriate level of Personal Protective Equipment (including masks and gloves) with clean hands and instruments with patient safety and comfort in mind.  Of course, due to the nature of our business, patients are not masked during dental treatment :)
  • When a staff member cannot maintain recommended physical distancing with patients as prescribed by the CDC, we will continue to wear masks.
  • You are welcome to use our waiting room and can do so without a mask as long as you respect the personal space of other patients, especially those that choose to wear a mask as a personal choice or preference.
  • As long as unmasked patients and individuals maintain recommended physical distancing from others, we will not ask them to leave or put on a mask even if another patient or individual asks us to or expresses concern.
  • If you are concerned about the possibility of encountering another patient or individual that is not masked, we understand if you want to consider delaying your dental treatment until you feel safe around the general public or in a setting like ours.
  • If we encounter arguments about our policies or someone becomes argumentative with others, we reserve the right to refuse service and ask them to leave our facility.  We also reserve the right to dismiss any patients from our practice related to any incident or policy disagreements.
We are proud of the safety that we have been able to maintain not just during the last year, but throughout the many years of providing dental care to our wonderful patients.  It is our hope that you will find this guide helpful and a practical approach to an ever changing public landscape.  Our intent is to be clear and provide information to help you make your own decisions about your dental care in our office.


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