Capacity Building Workplan

Goal 1: Strengthen TCBN’s Tracking, Monitoring and Evaluation Systems and Processes.

Implement the Career Track Marketing Pilot
Implement changes, recommendations and resume monitoring Tracking Pilots Dec 30
Review and prepare analysis and respond to recommendations from Newcomer Pathways into Construction Cohort 1
Review and Prepare Analysis of Outcomes and Recommendations for Career Track in Construction Pilots for Funder Report
Review and Report on Program evaluations for Quick Start in Construction Cohorts #1&2 and NexGen Builders Mentee Cohort #1 and respond to recommendations
Set up Tracking, Monitoring and Evaluation systems for Career Track Pilots and Newcomer Pathways into Construction Project
Review and finalize program evaluation systems and tools for Quick Start in Construction FT Nov 2020 and FT 2021 Feb 30 - Train team to implement
Finalize 2020 Stakeholder Evaluation and Consult on 2021 Evaluation approach Feb30
- Finalize the union intake assessment process and survey
Complete the report on recommendations to funder re challenges and best practices identified in the Marketing pilot
Finalize 2020 Community Benefits in Toronto Stakeholder Evaluation Report and Dessiminate

Goal 2: Increasing uptake of equity, diversity and inclusion policies and practices in the construction industry; promote the adoption of GDIB in the Construc

Support the Building Diversity Leadership Table to Implement a Workplace Campaign to Promote Diversity and Equity Practises to 5-10 Construction Contractors and Unions
Secure a minimum of 25 Nominations ( 5 in each category for the BDA)
Secure Sponsorships of $100,000 for the Building Diversity Awards
Structure and rebrand Equity and Diversity Working Group as Building Diversity Leadership Table (BDLT); Complete terms of reference
Launch Promotional Campaign to confirm 250 attendees for the BDA event
Establish Selection Committee to Shortlist and Determine Winners in all 5 Categories of the Building Diversity Awards
Confirm process and timelines with E&D members who agreed to promote BDA through their channels

Goal 3: Resource development to build capacity for community-led research, social procurement and membership and volunteer engagement.

Support and submit CRRF Community Mobilization Fund Jan 29